Glossolalia – language learning made easy

Glossolalia – language learning made easy

Are you interested in learning Spanish quickly and effectively? With the Glossolalia teaching method, you can achieve results fast. We offer one-week intensive and premium courses for levels from beginners to advance learners. 

Did you know that when you’re relaxed you learn more efficiently? This is why parts of all of our classes are practical and you will immediately be putting into action what you have been taught. All five of your senses will be stimulated; this helps you to retain new information.

You will be up on your feet and learning in a fun and active way. Our learning coaches are very experienced and truly love what they do. They are fantastic at motivating and encouraging their students to continually develop their new Spanish skills.

Glossolalia is the carefully selected language school partner of Mallorcanytt

Glossolalia – contact information

Phone: +34 971 707 023
Web: Glossolalia

Glossolalia – in the Bonanova area